Many people now browse the Internet via a mobile device more than they use a standard laptop or desktop computer. As mobile use and mobile sales increase, it is essential to create a mobile friendly website or application so these users can locate your products. If your website is hard to navigate on an iPhone or Windows tablet, for example, you are going to drive away a growing number of customers.

Many ticket brokers understand this need, but they are not sure whether they need to develop mobile apps or a mobile website. If you need to make a decision between these two options, you should consider the individual needs of your business and your target audience. First, you should understand the difference between an application and a site.

A mobile-friendly site is a concise version of your regular site. It includes some of the content from your site in a design that is easy to read on a smaller device. It may not include all the functionality of your site, but will include things that are most important to your mobile users. On the other hand, a mobile application is a specific program you allow mobile users to download. The application might be created to help users purchase tickets, check event times or interact with your business.

The benefits of a mobile website is that it is easy to create and will reach numerous consumers. You have more flexibility with what the website can do and, like a standard site, you can continuously update it with new content and functionality. If you sell through your site, you will certainly want mobile users to have buying capability.

A mobile application can be developed quickly with the right technical team. Apps have the ability to provide specific functionality to mobile users in a convenient package. However, they can be hard to keep updated and are limited in capability.

If you are considering these two options, you should probably give priority to a mobile friendly website. This is most likely to provide you with the highest return on investment. You can invest in specific apps later as your business grows and you draw an increasing mobile base.

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